The “Better Training for Safer Food” initiative is financed by the Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) of the European Commission. The project goals are threefold: i) Strengthening SPS capacities of third countries with emphasis on the application of international standards and EU food legislation; ii) Ensuring that food, plant and animal products exported to EU are safe for EU consumers; and iii) Reducing poverty by developing the capacity of the private sector of third countries to export safe food, plant and animal products to the EU. The project includes training and technical assistance missions (called “sustained training missions” - STM). Through this contract AETS will organise 14 regional workshops, train more than 700 participants from both public and private sector on EU SPS-related standards, including animal health, animal welfare, food safety and plant health. Some of the workshops include awareness raising days dedicated only to the private sector in order to explain trade-related requirements to export (food and plant) products to the EU (information on TRACES, requirements applicable to meat, fishery and aquaculture products, fruits and vegetables, food contact materials, and food labelling as well as training on specific guidelines for improving traceability of products). The workshops contribute to the SPS integration process in the field of food controls and plant health, through strengthening and harmonising practices amongst countries from the same region and reducing bias in private sector practices. 385 days of technical assistance and training missions have been designed and carried-out in order to provide immediate support to mitigating emerging export-related issues. The workshops have been organised in Cambodia, Argentina, Vietnam, Japan, South Africa, Morocco, Peru, Malaysia, China, UAE, Turkey, Colombia Selection of events organised by AETS: - Cape Town (South Africa), 18-21 September 2018, Codex Alimentarius, 43 participants, budget: 137.000 €; - Tokyo (Japan), 12-15 June 2018, Animal Disease Preparedness, 27 participants, budget: 120.000 €

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